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Resources from Veraset

Location Data for Good.
Veraset gathers, validates, and delivers high fidelity datasets, enabling innovators in enterprise, startups, and public service to make better decisions and improve our world.

Pulse of Global Human Movement
Our core dataset enables organizations to understand, analyze, and predict population movements and trends

Advanced Data Cleansing
We gather anonymous, compliant GPS data, validate it, remove signal with low quality or errors, and deliver daily to data scientists and product teams

They're giving hackathon participants free access to last 4 months of New York State data. We hope that you hackers can predict the past using this data and help provide helpful information and patters about COVID19.

See the details: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QKGeBeeOW7gANOkrLFXreY7YBBfIQOzOuFtE4i_Peig/edit#gid=443714277


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