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Resources from Kinsa Health

Kinsa is on a mission to track and prevent the spread of illness.

Kinsa Health has generously agreed to make their data available via public API for the hackathon. See documentation here:

The U.S. Health Weather Map is a visualization of seasonal illness linked to fever - specifically influenza-like illness. The aggregate, anonymized data visualized here is a product of Kinsa’s network of Smart Thermometers and accompanying mobile applications, and Kinsa is providing this map and associated charts as a public service:

For answers to common questions about the map and the terms used here, please review our FAQ page:

For details about our approach to determining typical and atypical illness levels, please review our technical approach document:

Please read a note from our founder and CEO:

API provided gives access to data used by the website (, includes observed county-level ILI from 2/15 to present, Kinsa 12-week forecast from 3/1, and anomalies broken out in separate columns.


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